Information Security Services

Stratigos Security provides security and risk services to help clients solve business problems in these areas. We have experience solving many different types of problems and playing many different roles. We draw on that experience to build custom projects for each of our clients, because there is no “one size fits all” solution.  So rather than spending a lot of money on slick marketing materials, we thought we’d just give you an idea of some of the areas that we do best. When you’re ready to have a conversation with us, give us a call or drop us an email.

Stratigos Security offers services to our clients to improve their information security and risk posture, optimized for their business goals.

  • IT Security Strategic Services – Ensuring the business achieves its goals by reducing overall risk and costs. Providing guidance that follows the business and information infrastructure for an integrated strategy and roadmap.
  • IT Security and Risk Services – Improving organizations’ operations and efficiency by reducing overall risk. Assessing and analyzing organizations’ IT security and risk posture, making recommendations to improve security and reduce risk, in the context of the business needs.
  • Security Advisory Services – On-demand and project-based information security advice and guidance. From advising on individual projects, to ongoing trusted advisory services to part-time executive staffing.
  • Security Awareness Services – Helping organizations to enhance security awareness of their employees, at all levels and to all audiences. This includes program development, training, ongoing campaigns, assessing effectiveness (through social engineering) and recommendations for improvement.
  • Advanced Threat Services – Identifying and protecting against future threats, today. Advanced threats are becoming increasingly common across all industries and size organizations – it’s not just for the obvious targets any more. We can help identify who or what is your most likely adversary, help you understand how they work, assess your ability to detect and withstand attack, and help you get better.

Stratigos Security offers Technical Testing Services, assessing the design and implementation of technology for potential security flaws, within the context of the business and risk environment. This is the only way to know – not just assume – that resources are properly aligned.

  • Vulnerability Assessment Services – Understand the exposure and vulnerability of systems to a casual attacker. Documenting findings, providing a baseline, and giving guidance on how to reduce overall risk.
  • Penetration Testing Services – Attempting to penetrate into an organization’s computer and network systems through technical exploitation of flaws in software or process. Assessing the capability of the organization to resist attack from a talented technical adversary.
  • Web or Mobile Application Security Assessment Services – Deeply analyzing a custom or customized web or mobile application to assess its design, security controls, and implementation. Focusing on business logic, programming, and implementation flaws that put data and systems at risk, and including comparison against OWASP Top 10 and other standards.
  • Red Team Testing Services – Simulating a motivated and talented adversary, targeting technology, process, and people to demonstrate the efficacy of your total security program. Thorough documentation of gaps and flaws in your overall security program, as well as recommendations to close them.

Stratigos Security also offers customized services, at your level and within your budget. Contact us for more.

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