Beau Woods, Founder/CEO

Beau is a recognized leader in the information security field, with almost two decades of experience in the information technology and security fields. In previous roles, Beau led strategy and service development around emerging areas of information security for Dell SecureWorks’ Security and Risk Consulting group before starting Stratigos Security.

Beau has spent several years as a consultant, helping organizations of all sizes at the local, regional, national and global level in finance, energy, technology, NGOs and many others. Beau is an active participant in the security community and has contributed to several publications and articles, participating in industry associations such as OWASP and HIMSS, often speaks at conferences and industry events.

Beau has recently been contributing leadership and resources to I Am The Cavalry. This global grassroots initiative seeks to preserve trust in connected devices that have the potential to directly impact public safety and human life.

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