Board of Advisors

At Stratigos Security we know the value of having good advice. That’s why we maintain a Board of Advisors who actively support our strategy, direction, and operations.

Taylor Banks

Taylor is a recognized thought leader in virtualization and cloud security, has led several security organizations and served on the executive team of many others. In addition to his executive experience, Taylor has over 15 years designing, implementing, teaching and selling secure information systems to Federal Government, US Military, private universities and public companies, from start-ups to Fortune 100.  Taylor serves as Executive Advisor.

Adam Bergenzer

Adam has served on executive teams in both information technology and operations management roles for a diverse group of organizations. His leadership has resulted in dramatic improvements in effectiveness and efficiency through automation, standardization and process. Adam serves as Operations Advisor.

Geoff Shively

Geoff is Founder and CEO of Laundromata, a global marketing firm. He has founded, build and successfully exited several startups over the past decade.  Geoff serves as Marketing Advisor.

Mark Wolfgang

Mark is President and CEO of Shorebreak Security, a boutique Information Security consultancy. He has over 20 years experience in the information and technology security industry. Mark serves as Product Advisor.

Kurtis Minder

Kurtis is Founder and CEO of Scatter, a cloud privacy and security startup. His background is in security engineering, with the past 15 years in Sales. Kurtis serves as Sales Advisor.

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