Stratigos Security provides advice and guidance on information security programs, strategy and policy.

Stratigos Security was founded to promote strategic and holistic approaches to security for our clients. This means taking a broad view across the organization, and in the long view, to see how and where security fits into the broader context. That is different than how many information security programs are run Рcompartmentalized internally and isolated from other parts of the organization.

At Stratigos Security, our mission is to help our clients succeed by understanding and mitigating information security risk. We serve our clients through our core values:

  • Vision – We watch what is coming, but keep a view of history.
  • Holism – We know everything we do is part of a broader context.
  • Integrity – We believe trust is our most important asset.
  • Passion – We are passionate about what we do and how we do it.
  • Focus – We concentrate on what is core to us.

Stratigos Security provides information security services to several different types of client. We serve organizations of many different sizes and industries – even our information security peers – in many different capacities. Some examples include:

  • Information Technology management, looking to improve their security posture and reduce risk.
  • Risk Management groups, looking to increase their effectiveness or augment capabilities in the IT and Information Security arenas.
  • Information Security groups, looking for third-party review of their program and help to prioritize.
  • Industry Analysts who track trends in the threat landscape and the security, risk and compliance fields.
  • Information Security companies who want to improve the business side of their business.